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Mystery Hunters Burrito
Every mystery hunter needs a Burrito!
Information Files
Author: gtaking95
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: Version 1
Status: Complete
Started on: 14 Mar 2010
Last Updated: 08 Jan 2011
Views: 22947
Type: Conversion
Rating: 3 (2 votes)
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places a burrito in your game that has GTA mystery hunters printed on the side. Good acceleration to get up steep hills and room in the back for mystery hunting material, Every mystery hunter needs one!. Visit my website all about GTA mystery hunters at:
gtaking95 commented over 10 years ago:
You can find this burrito diving around anywhere the original would be such as LVA freight depot in las venturas, Hunter quarry enterance, ocean docks and other industrail areas around san andreas, hope this helps
TASI commented over 10 years ago:
how to find it?? please someone answer!!
predatorstare commented over 11 years ago:
[color=]hey where to find this car?
Turbojohn commented over 11 years ago:
I will catch Bigfoot with it. nice mod!
austin 3:16 commented over 11 years ago:
nice mod really so nice i was waiting for like these vehicles nice man :angry: :D
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