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Metal Gear Solid M4 Added Weapon
MGS M4 added weapon to SA, not replaced
Information Files
Author: serabella
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 23 Jan 2010
Last Updated: 15 Nov 2012
Views: 26785
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 2.8889 (9 votes)
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This mod will add a new weapon to SA. You don't have to replace any texture soyou can still keep all the old original weapons.

However, some tools are needed. You need the asi loader (CLEO. asi) you will
also have to download Ryosuke's weapon limit adjuster. An 1.0 exe is required
as well for this mod to work. If you get an error message before the game start,
you may have the wrong exe for this plugin to work.

Keep in mind that this is just a test, I will do more complex mods with more
weapons later.

How to install:

- Copy the files; weaponlimit.ini, Weapons.txt and weaponsounds.txt into your
 GTA San Andreas root folder.
- Replace the default.ide and weapons.ide in the GTA San Andreas data folder.
- Add the .dff and .txd file into gta3.img.
- Add the weap.cs into your CLEO folder.

Type 'weap' to spawn the weapon

Ryosuke - for making this possible
Great_jonny - for telling me about this tool
commented over 4 years ago:
Yes By Ryosuke839 Look Here
Rodent commented over 6 years ago:
That's because people don't read (or can't) & keep thinking the site a file sharing site for GTA mods instead of hosting. Happens on art sites with people often trying to use them like Photobucket or Imageshack.
liamNL commented over 6 years ago:
i think there are a lot of thieves on GTa garage by now they find a other persons mod claim it for their own and dont even give credits (most of the time they just upload a sh*tload at once)
mcneal15 commented over 7 years ago:
hey hey , i know this mod , this mod is made by ryosuke?
Great_Johnny commented over 7 years ago:
Good job. It's true that wlimit not work so good (sometimes and with some bugs), but... If users research about this tool, We'll be able to help Ryosuke. I think this tool need edit a bit .scm (or exe or both) [noob's opinion... ]
Lukong commented over 8 years ago:
Can you change the Weapon Icons into the ones from Metal Gear Solid 1 the ps1 version :inlove:
chevs10zach commented over 8 years ago:
whenever i fired, it would crash. I think it might be another mod causing that though.
serabella commented over 8 years ago:
@Darkhedge, thanks for the info. I have had many problems with wlimit but this on does actually work :)
DarkHedge commented over 8 years ago:
I know glitches with the Weapon Limit Adjuster after trying to add several weapons with it, and I want to share them. => Sniper rifle scopes improperly loads sometimes for sniper weapons. => Headshots and gas tank shots are impossible with those weapons: hitting the head with those results like hitting another limb (it gives the regular amount of damage) => It happened that sometimes, after a crash or a re-install of the mod, the models load as semi-transparent when spawned, and when picked up, nothing happens (you don't get the weapon). Careful with wlimit, it's maybe sounding very nice but Ryosuke still has to work on it.
dtd mods commented over 8 years ago:
nice :happy:
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