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Posted on 31 Jul 2011, 11:55am

Joined: 25 Jul 2011
Group: Members

The best IMG editor for San Andreas to date. Good job, Alci, have a cookie: :cookie:

Posted on 31 Jul 2011, 12:22pm

Joined: 29 May 2011
Group: Modders

WOOT WOOT VERY GOOD! i'm currently annoyed by the not changing size of files in IMG Editor

Posted on 01 Aug 2011, 2:47am

Joined: 29 Sep 2009
Group: Members

My fav is Ryusukes img editor but i use both

Posted on 09 Aug 2011, 2:05am

Joined: 19 Jul 2011
Group: Members

:sui: ;myimg editor dosnt work, :D ; dis one does :monocle: :lol:

Posted on 12 Oct 2011, 3:28pm

Joined: 17 Jul 2011
Group: Modders

it works very easy. good job! have a cookie :cookie: :cookie:

Posted on 22 Jan 2012, 2:35pm

Joined: 30 Dec 2011
Group: Modders

Cant replace the files! :die: :die: :sui: :sui: :die: :die: :sui: :sui: :sui:

Posted on 02 Aug 2013, 3:49pm

Joined: 10 Jun 2013
Group: Modders

This img. editor is my most favourite img. editor! verry good :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Posted on 08 Sep 2013, 8:42am

Joined: 28 Aug 2013
Group: Modders

very very good!! igot cokies! :blink: :blink: :cookie:

Posted on 10 Sep 2013, 9:39pm

Joined: 10 Jun 2013
Group: Modders

Worst img editor ever :die: :die: always fails to load img files... :furious: :furious:

Posted on 15 May 2014, 7:58pm

Joined: 06 Sep 2012
Group: Members

best img editor ever as with others you would need to search through hundreds if not thousands of .dff and .txd with this you just need to click the option import and replace which replaces the file type of the same name

Posted on 25 Jul 2014, 9:10pm

Joined: 07 Jul 2014
Group: Modders

Thanks Smartest & Easiest Tool For GTA Modding Without Crashing .img Files! Thanks A Lot

Posted on 08 Dec 2015, 2:10pm

Joined: 20 Sep 2015
Group: Members

the best img editor for me, because it's fast and reliable :inlove:

Posted on 14 May 2016, 3:58pm

Joined: 14 May 2016
Group: Members

I thaught it was the best IMG editor, but you can't move files up and down to their original position. If I add a gun to gta3.img the standard one shows in-game. Editing Player.img the game crashes: the file is in the bottom of the IMG archive :*( :furious: :furious: and I can't set it to its position !!

Posted on 26 Mar 2017, 4:41pm

Joined: 23 Sep 2010
Group: Modders

Everytime I want to compare the original gta3Img with a modded on the program freezes. :furious:

Posted on 06 Apr 2018, 11:43am

Joined: 16 Jan 2017
Group: Modders

this is the best img editor for gta san andreas i have used, its easy to use and works flawlessly. :colgate:

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