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Vice City IOS Starter Save
44% Complete - No Cheats - No Story Missions Completed
Information Files
Author: duff_weird
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 14 Dec 2012
Last Updated: 26 Dec 2012
Views: 8864
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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Ultimate Starter Save for GTA Vice City iOS

44% Complete Without Cheats

Level 12 Paramedic = Infinite Run
Level 12 Firefighter = Fireproof
Level 12 Vigilante = 150 Armour
Level 10 Pizza Boy = 150 Health
100 Taxi Passengers = Jump in Taxis
100 Hidden Packages = Weapons at Hyman Condo and Vercetti Estate (Once Unlocked) and Tank + Hunter at Army Base
35/35 Rampages Completed
33/35 Unique Stunt Jumps Completed
15/15 Stores Knocked Off
7/7 Properties Purchased
All Extra Vehicular Activities Completed

Remaining for 100%:
All Story Missions (Just Head to the Pink Marker at the Ocean View Hotel to Start)
5 x Assassination Missions
All Business Purchases and Missions
2 x Unique Stunt Jumps Only Accessible During the Mission 'G-Spotlight'
4 x Chopper Checkpoint Races Only Accessible After Legitimately Unlocking the West Island
Shooting Range - Unlocked After Completing the Mission 'The Shootist'

Cars in Garages West Island:
Hyman Condo: Tank, Barracks OL, Patriot, FBI Washington, Agent Cheetah, Enforcer, Police

Cars in Garages East Island (West-Island-Exclusive Cars on the East Island!)
El Swanko Casa: Voodoo
Ocean Heights Apartment: Bloodring Banger
Links View Apartment: Cuban Hermes

Copy the file to the documents folder of the GTA Vice City App using an iOS file explorer e.g. iFunbox or iExplorer
The file will replace the first slot (not the autosave slot)
TheBlueBridge commented over 4 years ago:
Have you made one for GTA 3 on ios? It would really help, BTW Nice save file!
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