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 Sep 12 2008

Added Full Auto Colts

Posted by mlmbug.
I've added the fullautos now just to warn you the first firing level is semiato the second is fullauto and the last is dual fullauto.

 Feb 11 2008

machine MA1911 silenced

Posted by mlmbug.
im going to turn the colt 1911s into a normaly single machine MA1911 silenced fullauto weapon with dual version on the hitman weapon level

 Aug 22 2007

new weapon model

Posted by mlmbug.
ive made up a new weapon model for the silenced pistols they are more like colt 1911s

 Apr 26 2007

CJ hitman is here!

Posted by mlmbug.
Turn cj into a clone of your favorate hitman today!
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