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Posted on 22 Sep 2005, 5:20pm

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GTA SA Level Tool

The GTA3 Level Tool gave me the idea for this little great script.
The code is completely written by me.
The beta tester was JKM
(one of the best Car Modeller ever ; 2nd Berlin Mod Leader) ;-) (date: 10th August)
The short name is SAMS -> San Andreas Map Script

- put the in your script/startup

- the script start automaticly

Little Instruction:
ID Number -> the ID Number of selected Object in game
Object File Name -> must be the same like *.dff file name (without extention)
TXD File Name -> the name of the txd file for the selected object
LOD Distance -> the LOD value (0-300 = solid) (301-... = non solid)
Typ -> eg: 0=normal ; 4=alpha-culling ; 1048580=graffiti-tag
Interior Number -> eg: 0=world-outside ; x>0 = building-interiors like 8track

Set Properties -> set the chosen properties to the selected object
Get Properties -> get the properties of the selected object
Reset Prop. -> reset only the values in the rollout
Get Objects -> select all chosen object from the hit by name dialog
Get Obj by ID -> select all Objects with the same ID like in the ID Number field

90 CW -> rotate the selected object by 90 CW
180 -> rotate the selected object by 180
90 CCW -> rotate the selected object by 90 CCW

IDE File Export -> export an IDE file (without multi ID's)
IPL File Export -> export an IPL file

Suction Testicle Man
Posted on 05 Dec 2005, 11:03am

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Download coming soon?

Posted on 24 Dec 2005, 2:45am

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All downloads are on his site. For some reason he post information about the mods here and puts the downloads on his site. A bit anoying really because all his download have to be you end up downloading 2 times and then adding the files together. Must not be able to upload big files to his web server.

Posted on 27 Feb 2009, 1:05am

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