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Posted on 05 Sep 2007, 7:39am

Joined: 04 Sep 2007
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 QUOTE (Tobbe_15 @ 09:56, Aug 26 2007)
 QUOTE (SmokingCookie @ 09:42, Aug 18 2007)
I have a problem: I cannot extracte the ZIP files (don't know why, I have 2 programs: WinZIP and WinRAR, they both say that the archive might be damaged)... Can some1 send me the files in the ZIP(s) (I prefer both ZIPs because, if 1 doesn't work, I can try the other one)?
I have them same problem. can some 1 plz load up the proxy version on a other site?? plz

download broken!!!

Posted on 09 Sep 2007, 6:56am

Joined: 08 Jul 2007
Group: Modders

do it work too on vice city?

Posted on 11 Sep 2007, 6:56pm

Joined: 28 Aug 2007
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r u guys usin on the computer?

Posted on 11 Sep 2007, 8:42pm

Joined: 04 Sep 2007
Group: Members

the zip file doesn't open

Posted on 25 Sep 2007, 9:58am

Joined: 25 Sep 2007
Group: Members

no zip working , both are corrupted.
i have tried to take it from other place - the zip is opening -( it is shown before) and i will try to verify it home.. hope to work..

]anyway it is annoying to see such problems for a little damn mod..:blink::sui:

Posted on 27 Oct 2007, 4:24pm

Joined: 26 Oct 2007
Group: BUSTED!

mine still says


email me at [email protected] to tell me whats wrong ty

Posted on 09 Nov 2007, 4:14pm

Joined: 09 Nov 2007
Group: Members

404 Forbidden
i wanna have the speedometer!

Posted on 26 May 2008, 3:36am

Joined: 25 Dec 2007
Group: Modders

sigh it would rock if u can have the speedometer without launching extra programs

Posted on 28 Jun 2008, 3:20pm

Joined: 16 Jun 2008
Group: Members

 QUOTE (daton @ 13:54, Jun 23 2005)
 QUOTE (decadous @ 06:57, Today)
i've installed the PROXYDLL version and now instead of the speedo not showing up, it's not letting me run SA at all saying that i need at lease directX 9.0 to run it... i've put the DLL in the SA directory and saved settings and exited the program.. is that happening with anybody else?

close CPU HT (Hyper-Threading)

whats that? and where can i find it???

Posted on 23 Jul 2008, 12:13pm

Joined: 22 Jul 2008
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i'm installed direct hook version,but it not work.i'm installed proxy dll version, i can't run SA because i have error : GTASA repuires at least 9.0c directx version. (i have 9.0c and i reinstalled,but nothing happens):( :(

Posted on 24 Aug 2008, 3:32pm

Joined: 24 Aug 2008
Group: Members

How do I close that Hyper Threading thing to get the speedometer to work? I can't get it to work, I've got the Proxy version 1.1 of the speedo :( :(

Posted on 31 Aug 2008, 3:15pm

Joined: 03 Jul 2008
Group: BUSTED!

This Speedometers Way Better:

Posted on 25 Mar 2009, 11:07pm

Joined: 07 Mar 2009
Group: Members

Dont work with SAMP!

Posted on 17 May 2009, 6:38am

Joined: 25 Apr 2009
Group: Members

it's all bs :angry: :furious: :angry: :devil:

Posted on 17 May 2009, 8:21pm

Joined: 09 May 2009
Group: Members

I can't open SASpeedo.exe help! Where was I supposed to extract it! :(

Posted on 27 May 2009, 2:13pm

Joined: 15 Aug 2008
Group: Members

when i load the mod it says "unable to execute" can someone help plz :alien:

Posted on 27 May 2009, 2:31pm

Joined: 15 Aug 2008
Group: Members

never mind i read more and figured it out

ktm 125
Posted on 06 Jun 2009, 1:47pm

Joined: 14 Feb 2009
Group: Members speedprox and then Extract d3d9.dll and SpedSets.exe to Gta san andreas directory(or files). Program Files->Rockstar Games->GTA San Andreas. 2.And then clik(run)spedsets and choose your settings. 3.And then click "save settings" and then "exit". 4.start playing gta or san andreas multiplayer(internet) and it would be work now. you dont have to run "spedset" allways when you start playing gta.only 1 time. hopely this help you guys :-)

Posted on 26 Jun 2009, 2:32am

Joined: 16 May 2009
Group: Members

i install directx9 and it still says i dont have it :angry: :(

Posted on 26 Jun 2009, 3:14am

Joined: 26 Jun 2009
Group: Members

I tried it, using both downloads, and it worked for me both ways. Thanks for the mod.

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