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Posted on 18 Jan 2014, 9:31am

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Thank you for such a great speedometer, Spooky. I use it every day in GTA San Andreas Multiplayer. For those of you with a dumb antivirus + for those of you who got the message "Grand Theft Auto SA requires at least DirectX 9" = it's because d3d9.dll is packed with UPX. Solution: First, temporary deactivate that dumb antivirus or install a better one. Then: 1. You can search and download UPX for Windows on Google, decompress it and copy the upx.exe file in the same folder as d3d9.dll. Open a command prompt in the same folder and write "upx.exe -d d3d9.dll" without the quotes then press Enter/Return. If all is ok it will say d3d9.dll was unpacked and it will be bigger. If not try to open the command prompt as administrator or figure out what's wrong from the error messages you get. 2. Or you can download the unpacked d3d9.dll file from here or here. Oh, and, Spooky, it would be great if you would replace the d3d9.dll with the unpacked one in the download link directly. This way it will be easier for all of us. Thank you again.

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