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Posted on 22 Apr 2009, 10:45pm

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this. sounds. AWESOME! [/waits patiently]

Posted on 23 Apr 2009, 10:42pm

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nice work! :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :^:

Posted on 29 Apr 2009, 10:05pm

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Fabulous idea, installed it to me also now. Maybe still could you deal with the targets? A target comes in front of that on the roof of a house is. Until then in fact fabulous work. :D

Posted on 31 May 2009, 4:23am

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You sure it's just beta? It looks finished stuff for me! :cool: But I'll answer your questions: 1. Only found 2 locations that were "floating" and couldn't be reached by car, and 1 that was "stuck" on the wall (inside building 269). I don't remember their names but I made the map of them: Otherwise, no actual bugs. It's working perfectly. 2. I like it only because it's a the classic Taxi Mission back to GTA4. Period. :p 3. Allow the Cavalcade to be a taxi too, as [spoiler]Roman's new taxis are Cavalcades when they finally go to Algoquin[/spoiler]. 4. The tip bar is in ok speed, if you don't mess during the way you can still have a fat tip. There's only one problem with it, maybe not mod's problem but a game limitation: let's suppose you're in south Alderney and the destination is in south Algoquin - places are close, but physically imposible to get there quickly with a car (you have to do the long way thru Booth Tunnel). Maybe if there's a way to calculate the tip based on the GPS route, it would be neat. But if there's isn't, don't worry because this situation just happened 1% of the times I played it. :p 5. Nah. Nitro was cool on GTASA, but it doesn't fit on modern Liberty City. An all-proof black vehicle, parked near to each safehouse (not on the parking lot :p) would be cool tho. 6. It's ok, but it could also show the total number of customers, and not only customers in a row. 7. No flickering. 8. I'm using with other mods and I found no problem with them.

Posted on 07 Jun 2009, 10:33pm

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Nice work! Taxi missions like in the old days :D :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Posted on 22 Nov 2009, 6:29am

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does not work in

Posted on 08 Jan 2010, 1:42am

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Worked fine for me on with the updated scripthook's and asi loaders.

Posted on 12 Aug 2010, 10:29pm

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I can confirm that this also works on the latest (as of yet) version of GTA IV, i.e.,, as long as one uses an updated version of Scripthook and ASI loader.

Posted on 01 Jun 2011, 10:24am

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Work fine with download some save 100% completed and taxi work on all 3 islands

Posted on 05 Jul 2012, 6:41pm

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This works awesome on! Good work! :lol:

Posted on 17 Aug 2013, 7:10am

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Great mod, I use it all the time. But... rewards are too high. We make too much money from this. Should be maybe half as much. Besides that, Awesome!

Posted on 09 Oct 2015, 11:02am

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How do i install it and where do i place the asi file??

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