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Posted on 07 May 2009, 3:16am

Joined: 07 May 2009
Group: Members

poor. you mod have error

Posted on 19 Jun 2009, 8:45pm

Joined: 17 Jun 2009
Group: Modders

I edited a few peds and now my game wont start, it crashes as soon as I try and open it.

Posted on 04 Sep 2009, 2:06pm

Joined: 30 Aug 2009
Group: Modders

After i downloaded this, my computer zaps me whenever i piss on it! You... Wait can i get in trubble for saying that?

Posted on 04 Sep 2009, 2:08pm

Joined: 30 Aug 2009
Group: Modders

Hey when i try to use it after selecting my dictionary, it says some sort of error, in a nother language!

Posted on 09 Sep 2009, 10:12am

Joined: 09 Sep 2009
Group: BUSTED!

The language is german... try it now :happy: :r*:

Posted on 13 Oct 2009, 4:16am

Joined: 07 Aug 2009
Group: Modders

I tried it and it Still Does Not Work :rampage:

Posted on 11 Jan 2010, 11:42pm

Joined: 25 Nov 2009
Group: Members

I get an error every time i click on a ped... I set the source file right and everything but i need it to actually show the pic of every character

Posted on 30 Jan 2010, 11:57pm

Joined: 02 Jul 2006
Group: Members

i get adress error in germany when I try to open the program

Posted on 04 Jul 2010, 2:00pm

Joined: 17 Aug 2009
Group: Modders

how do i install it ? plz help

Posted on 28 Jul 2010, 9:02pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2009
Group: Modders

[color=Red]I get an error that says: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click OK to terminate the application." Can someone help me?[color=Red] :sui:

Posted on 02 Aug 2010, 9:32am

Joined: 19 Jul 2010
Group: Members

everytime i try to edit any ped it crashes :whuh:

Posted on 02 Mar 2011, 1:07pm

Joined: 14 Nov 2010
Group: Modders

If any body can help me please reply here or [email protected] Help is nothing but--i will give four side blueprints of a vehicle and you nshould model it for SA(gta)... i hope a positive desicion from your part...

Posted on 27 Mar 2011, 8:56am

Joined: 21 Aug 2008
Group: Members

If you get an error in German after you choose your SA directory and press OK, it is because you didn't add a slash after the directory.

Posted on 29 May 2011, 10:55pm

Joined: 24 Oct 2010
Group: Modders

for all i know what is your problem... the error appear if you only have onboard card (like me)... so if you wan this mods work, you must using swiftshader... and its work great for me... :D

Posted on 18 Oct 2011, 3:07am

Joined: 09 Jul 2011
Group: Members

:r*: Itīs excellent[size=14]

Posted on 07 Apr 2012, 2:04pm

Joined: 05 Apr 2012
Group: Members

it works fine but 3D preview window is black how to fix this please :(

Posted on 16 Jul 2012, 4:19pm

Joined: 16 Jul 2012
Group: Members

hehhehe epic shyts :rah: and i also have a question... do you have any :bbq: thats ok :sui: jking!! :lol:

Posted on 20 Jul 2012, 7:13pm

Joined: 17 Jun 2012
Group: Members

could you make a ped editor for gta 3 please, that would be great. :lol: :r*: :lol:

Posted on 11 Oct 2012, 8:00pm

Joined: 10 Oct 2012
Group: Members

huh, ped viewer should be called, if the editor can change the shape ped and other tools that can change, such as name, replace, and more. :barf:

Posted on 02 Feb 2013, 4:16am

Joined: 09 Apr 2012
Group: Modders

 QUOTE (MyCleo3SayNo4 @ 20:00, 11 Oct 2012)
huh, ped viewer should be called, if the editor can change the shape ped and other tools that can change, such as name, replace, and more. :barf:
That's stupid. It edits the Ped's stat. If it changes the shape and such, then it would be a modelling program. Wouldn't it

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