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Posted on 15 Aug 2005, 1:48am

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Some of you may have noticed that when modifing the Elegy, Uranus, Jester or Flash that the decal textures are missing, so you end up with white squares on the car where the textures should be.

Here is a fix for that problem.

There are 3 versions available for you to choose from. (or you can mix and match)

1. The original missing decals
2. Blank decals (Nothing shows up (no decals))
3. Real-Life Decals. Which are;
Mobil, Sparco, NOS, Kenwood, brembo, FedEx & Pirelli. (Shown on the screenshots)

Posted on 19 Aug 2005, 4:50pm

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Group: Modders

Just a lil' bit of info...

The car in the first screenshot is the Jester with my FnF paintjob. Interested??? Get it here;

Posted on 04 Aug 2007, 9:35am

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Nice mod, been waiting for this but i dont have the skills to do it! :D

Posted on 27 May 2011, 8:26am

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Oh man! This looks cool! :r*: But, you forgot Sandking... :*(

Posted on 29 May 2012, 2:35pm

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I don't think that the decals are missing, I just think that they are in the wrong place. :monocle: :monocle: :rah: :r*:

Posted on 06 Nov 2014, 10:22pm

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4/5 Doesn't fix Sandking but thanks for the other fixes!

Posted on 18 Jan 2016, 9:09am

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