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Posted on 30 May 2009, 3:57pm

Joined: 27 Apr 2009
Group: Modders

cool xD

Posted on 09 Jun 2009, 1:40am

Joined: 29 Aug 2008
Group: Modders

How do I get this to work?

Posted on 05 Jul 2009, 12:40pm

Joined: 09 Jun 2009
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is it works with v1.0.3.0? :/

Posted on 16 Aug 2009, 4:52am

Joined: 16 Aug 2009
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This works for me, EXCEPT for some items. Example: when i try to spawn a faggio it appears briefly and then disappears, every time. UPDATE: i was playing multiplayer freeplay with my friends when i was trying it at first. "Faggio DID spawned just fine in single player mode." Tried again in multiplayer freeplay with my friends and faggio doesn't work again. It blinks on the screen then disappears. ALSO, my friends couldn't get this addon to work for them. The only difference I could find between our computers is that they're running XP where as I'm running Vista. HazardX's .NET ScriptHook says it requires newest version of DirectX, since I have Vista I'm able to use DirectX 10, while my friends, with XP, are only able to use DirectX 9. Thinking this could be the issue, but not sure. Anyone have any idea on that? Do the other people having issues also have windows XP?

Posted on 16 Aug 2009, 7:07pm

Joined: 31 May 2009
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i got windows 7, its suposed to be Directx 10, but not working

Posted on 19 Aug 2009, 5:13pm

Joined: 28 Jul 2009
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I'd give it a three but not now, these are my feedbacks: the bads: -cycle is only forward, no backwards, you have to cycle from 150+ vehicles/peds/objects -uninformative readme, lacks proper information of how to use :( sorry but i don't know how to use it :( anyways the good stuff is that it's working right and 100% :D

Posted on 28 Aug 2009, 7:01pm

Joined: 14 Aug 2009
Group: Modders

where do i put the scripts and things

Posted on 13 Oct 2009, 6:30am

Joined: 12 Oct 2009
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This only works with and :sui: :furious: Doesn't work with because they only want mods for versions which lag really bad. 0/5

Posted on 27 Feb 2010, 4:53pm

Joined: 22 Nov 2009
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Sh*t! It doesn't work for version

Posted on 04 Jun 2010, 12:22pm

Joined: 02 Jun 2010
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i'm getting the game today. hopefuly i get v cuz i wanna use this mod for machinima and stuff.if it dont work then :sui:

Posted on 20 Jun 2010, 12:35pm

Joined: 31 Mar 2009
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I want new version ;( This is THE BEST MOD, but nobody can change code for new versions game? :( PLEASE :(

Posted on 10 Jul 2011, 8:11pm

Joined: 03 Jul 2011
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f*ck you this mod is... ASWOME!! i wont a car in the a city and they are cops and with this mod i can get it the name of the car is: SULTAN RS ASWOME!! he are some :cookie: :cookie: for you :r*:

Posted on 03 Nov 2012, 8:50pm

Joined: 05 Dec 2009
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I can't get it working, as soon as I start the game this message pops up- Error in script 'SuperSpawnerScript.CoMPMStR0'! I haven't a clue as to why its in error, all files are in scripts folder as they should be and I have all appropriate requirements (ScriptHook, .NET, etc) My only guess is that the mod is not compatible with the latest version of GTAIV (v1.0.7.0) but that's probably wrong.

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