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Posted on 08 Mar 2009, 2:24am

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Wicked :colgate:

Posted on 05 Jun 2009, 10:01am

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Posted on 07 Jun 2009, 12:46am

Joined: 08 Oct 2008
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Wow I wish this weapon was converted over to GTA SA :D

Posted on 28 Aug 2009, 12:23pm

Joined: 04 May 2009
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This skin is awsome, can you do a skin for the AK47 to?

Posted on 02 Oct 2009, 2:48pm

Joined: 30 Mar 2009
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can you retexture all weapons?:D this looks awesome but it doesnt fit in with the other weapons... :S but great job, 5/5

Posted on 11 Jul 2015, 9:33am

Joined: 14 May 2014
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Man, I wanna some weapons for San Andreas. Let's see if you can do'em: -Glock 17 (for standard pistol). -Silver Colt 1911 .45 (same model with silencer). -Ithaca Model 37 (with woody textures). -Silver Franchi SPAS-12 (with saved armstock). -IMI UZI (Micro version for Micro SMG, and normal version for SMG). -Silver Tec-9. -Colt Model 733 (same design than M4A1 but with shorter barrel and the shrunken armstock). -Winchester Marlin 336W (with woody textures). -H&K PSG-1 Sniper Rifle (like the SA sniper icon and beta model). -RPG-7 (with woody textures) with a missile model apart. -SA-7 Grail (or 9K32 Strela-2). -Silver M134 Minigun. These ones for the moment. Do you know why specially this guns? Cuz these are the right models names from the game (and same colors and textures). I recommend make the cutscenes counterparts, keep the original icons, make a better gunflash texture, sniper crosshair, etc. And you'll see how may people download and enjoy your work :D BTW, Congratulations.

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