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Posted on 04 Jan 2009, 4:24pm

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Make sure you backup the original files!

Navigate to the common ext and replace american.gxt


Admiral - Lincoln Town Car
Airtug - Ford Tug M1
Ambulance - Chevrolet Braun Expres G3500
Banshee - Dodge Viper
Benson - Peterbilt 330
Biff - Kenworth T-800 Dumptruck
Blista Compact - Honda CRX
Bobcat - Chevrolet Express
Boxville - Chevrolet Step Van
Buccaneer - Chevrolet Impala
Cavalcade - Cadillac Escalade
Cavalcade FXT - Cadillac Escalade Ext
Chavos - Honda Accord
Cognoscenti - Maybach 62 S
Comet - Porsche 911
Contender - Ford F-150 ext
Coquette - Corvette C
DF8-90 - Saturn Ion
Dilettante - Toyota Prius
Dukes - Dodge Charger
Emperor - Infiniti Q45
Esperanto - Chevy Malibu
Faction - Buick Grand National
Feltzer - Mercedes SL
Feroci - Lexus GS
Fortune - Ford Thunderbird
Futo - Toyota Corolla Levin
Habanero - Lexus RX350
Huntley Sport - Range Rover Sport
Infernus - Lamborghini Murcielago
Ingot - Volkswagen Jetta
Intruder - '06 Infiniti Q45
Landstalker - '06 Lincoln Navigator
Lokus - Lexus GS
Manana - '76 Buick Electra
Merit - Chevrolet Impala
Minivan - Dodge Grand Caravan
Moonbeam - Chevrolet Astro
Mule - Mitsubishi FH100
NOOSE Cruiser - Ford Crown Victoria Police
NOOSE Patriot - Hummer H2 Police
Oracle - BMW E66
Packer - Kenworth K100
Patriot - Hummer H2
Perennial - '06 Honda Odyssey
Phantom - Peterbilt 379
Pinnacle - Nissan Maxima
PMP 600 - Chrysler 300
Police Cruiser - Ford Crown Victoria Police
Police Patrol - Chevrolet Impala Police
Premier - Chevrolet Cobalt LS
Presidente - Cadillac CTS
Primo - Cadillac Allante
Rancher - Ford Bronco
Rebla - Mercedes ML
Ruiner - Chevrolet Camaro
Sabre - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Sabre GT - Chevrolet Chevelle SS
Schafter - Mercedes Benz S65
Sentinel - BMW M3
Solair - Mercury Sable Station Wagon
Stalion - Chevrolet Chevelle
Steed - Ford Econoline Delivery Truck
Stratum - Honda Accord Wagon
Stretch - Lincoln Town Car Limousine
Sultan - Subaru Impreza
Sultan rs - Subaru Impreza tuning
Super GT - Aston Martin DB9
Turismo - Ferrari F430
Uranus - Ford Mustang
Vigero - Dodge Challenger
Vincent - Mitsubishi Galant
Virgo - Mercury Cougar
Voodoo - Chevrolet Impala
Washington - Lincoln Continental
Willard - Buick LeSabre

Posted on 14 Jan 2009, 10:56am

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Nice and very real!

Posted on 15 Jan 2009, 3:23pm

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Is the archive corrupted? I've download 5 times and can't extract the files.

Adrian Winata
Posted on 21 Jan 2009, 1:02pm

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 QUOTE (UltimateGTR @ 15:23, 15 Jan 2009, 3:23pm)
Is the archive corrupted? I've download 5 times and can't extract the files.
Just ask the "original" creator!

Posted on 18 Mar 2009, 11:50pm

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I think I've found one issue with the "Dukes" vehicle. The vehicle is still called "Dukes" not Dodge Charger. I got into a taxi today and saw that instead of saying "Dukes" in the taxi screen (as in the location) it said Dodge Charger - as in "Steinway, Dodge Charger". Somewhere the tag is misplaced. Besides that little misplacement, great mod!

Posted on 02 Apr 2009, 11:01am

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Sorry to be a killjoy, but I can't understand the appeal of mods like this. Why change the name so it says you're getting in a Lincoln Town Car on the screen when the badge still reads Dundreary? And that's a car that passes for the real one. Renaming the Dilletante so the game calls it a "Toyota Prius" is all well and good except, you know, it's not a Toyota Prius? It's based on the Toyota Prius, but it's really quite different, and so are a lot of the other vehicles in the game.

Posted on 18 Jun 2009, 9:36am

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its works with all versions right? Becasue i dont wanna crash my game :/

Posted on 12 Feb 2010, 7:13am

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You missed one: Hakumai - Honda Accord Sedan

Posted on 18 Feb 2010, 4:14pm

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hello. the sentinel isn't just a bmw m3 because m3 is a serie in bmw so you should change the bmw m3 into bmw m3 e46

Posted on 28 Feb 2010, 3:17am

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I saw a car that looked like a Feroci and it WAS NOT a Lexus GS

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