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Posted on 10 Aug 2005, 6:05am

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These 2 TXD's fixes 2 bugs with the Sandking and Bloodring banger in the PC Version of San Andreas

the Sandking's Logos would appear all white ingame because its texture "sultan92stickers128" didnt have an Alpha Texture.
so i simply got the "sultan92stickers128" texture out of the "sultan.txd" which had the right alpha, and put it in the sandking.txd

the Bloodings Numbers didnt appear on the roof, they would be black squares, and there was a white box around the numbers on the Body of the Bloodring, this was because the texture "bloodra92numbers" also didnt have an alpha, in order to fix this, i got the alpha out of the PS2 Version of the Sandking, which was the exact same texture

Posted on 19 Jun 2013, 12:28am

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the sandking one doesnt work

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