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Posted on 13 Oct 2008, 11:39pm

Joined: 20 Jul 2007
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-Pamer Humtriot 2009 (VC Edition)




-XD!!! My very first creation now on his ultimate perfect form, with details and sh*t but keeping a low file size, it's much better than the average patriot if you ask me, use my wheel pack to make it look real badass!!!

[Vehicle Info]

Original should work ok

>Vehicle IDE
Original will be of use

That's more like your choise.

[Known Issues]

-First release... well... i don't remember the date:

I have solved all the problems it might have, of course, is not free of bugs, but most of them will be minor for your sight, the counter part of VC engine is that reflection doesn't apply for "extra" parts, in SA looks like it must, anyway, enjoy my very own mixed version of the Hummer and the Patriot, resembling some of the most freakin' good looks XD


-DexX: Definitely, this one is dedicated to DexX because he was the first one helping me with this now good looking car.
-Karla F.: A well, i never had a better friend than her =)
-Myself: I never gave up, here are some rewards
-GTA Network: Kick ass!!!!

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