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Posted on 13 Oct 2008, 2:21pm

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-Comet 2008 (VC Edition)




-This is just a re-make for the one of GTA III, i toke both versions since they are good on some aspect, i also re-made som stuffs, you know, to make it more than just a re-mix

[Vehicle Info]

Original should work ok

>Vehicle IDE
Original will be of use

That's more like your choise.

[Known Issues]

-First release 11-10-08:

The only bug known at this point is about the glass of the boot, at certain angle it seems to "eat" other materials and makes you see the road under the car, this is due to the RenderWare engine so it has no "fix" know yet.


-Coasterdude: He was my beta tester
-R*: For give me a good way to waste my time
-DexX: Well.. i don't have any reasons, i just like to thank him for all the doubts he solved from me.

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