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Posted on 09 Jul 2009, 4:15pm

Joined: 09 Jul 2009
Group: Modders

:furious: :p :O :angry: :alien: :( :D :) :blush: :devil: :*( :cool: :/ :colgate: :dontgetit: :dozing: :happy: :inlove: :music: :nervous: :wtf: :sarcasm: :sigh: :zZz: :sly: :sneaky: <img src=p" /> :turn: :whuh: :sui: :rol: :blink: :rampage: :cry: :whuh: :zZz: ;) :evilgrin: <img src=h34r:" /> :cookie: :santa: :lol: :yawn: :catspider: :catloaf: :beerhat: :die: :bbq: :r*: :rah: :breadfish: :barf: :monocle:

Posted on 29 Jul 2009, 9:40am

Joined: 15 May 2008
Group: Members

Dude, great mode but... I spawned SWAT car but she was locket. Maybe you can do something to unlock all cars?

Posted on 14 Aug 2009, 2:39pm

Joined: 13 Aug 2009
Group: Members

the copcars are locked:( :blink: :wtf:

Posted on 12 Sep 2009, 5:19am

Joined: 12 Sep 2009
Group: Modders

I downloaded this for SA-MP but all cars you cant even try the handles. There like big rocks. I you are looking for a SA-MP car spawner for cleo 3 use this because if you get this and car jacker you can jack the car closest to you so you spawn a car and then jack it/ you tele into it it helps ALOT! :rah: :rah: :rah: <img src=p" /> <img src=p" /> <img src=p" /> <img src=p" /> <img src=p" /> :bbq: :music: :zZz: :devil: :blush: :alien: :die: :beerhat: :r*: :breadfish: :monocle:

Posted on 21 Sep 2009, 12:45am

Joined: 14 Sep 2009
Group: Members

:wtf: :wtf: dude can you make it so that we can just press a hotkey then it will show us the code list or the car list with the numbers... then type it ... anyways good mod here a :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Posted on 03 Nov 2009, 8:39pm

Joined: 25 Jul 2008
Group: Modders

im tryin my best to get the script to work to make it so you can type the car number or get a list of cars but every time i run the script the game either crashes as soon as the mod is ran or when i try to enter a vehicle... so until i can fix it then you will just hav to wait... soz 4 the inconvinience :sui:

Posted on 16 Dec 2009, 8:06am

Joined: 16 Dec 2009
Group: Modders

:catspider: Nice Mod!

Posted on 17 Dec 2009, 1:48pm

Joined: 04 Aug 2009
Group: Members

where is the cleo folder?

Posted on 22 Jan 2010, 9:51am

Joined: 20 Jan 2010
Group: Modders

where is that cloe folder ? :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: :die: if i dont find it i will let you :die: :die:

Posted on 19 Feb 2010, 4:39pm

Joined: 17 Feb 2010
Group: Members

You guys are all idiots, why do you search for a CLEO mod if you don't even know what a CLEO mod is? And if you react like "I just found this by suprise while I was browsing", well we've got catagories, which you can read to see in what catagory the mod belongs.

Posted on 06 Mar 2010, 5:05pm

Joined: 16 Jun 2009
Group: Modders

u must show the name of the cars.

Twister Ball
Posted on 25 Mar 2010, 6:10am

Joined: 11 Feb 2010
Group: Members

f*ck YOU :devil:

Posted on 04 May 2010, 2:21am

Joined: 16 Jan 2010
Group: Modders

:sui: Dude you said it's a Cs folder and it not :bored:

Posted on 05 May 2010, 1:05pm

Joined: 16 Jun 2009
Group: Modders

This car spawner isn't helpful but ZAZ's carspawner is helpful.

Posted on 19 May 2010, 9:05am

Joined: 19 Sep 2009
Group: Modders

wow all of the people who commented uptodate are all noobs? :sui: :sui: :sui:

Posted on 20 May 2010, 11:05am

Joined: 17 May 2010
Group: Modders

:) Hello, Everyone... If you're having Problems about the Cleo Folder... Well You can download cleo here... CLICK THE LINK : then click the CLEO 3 Library (Archive) open the archive replace your vorbis.dll and vorbisfile.dll and add cleo.asi and all the files in the cleo.rar ENJOY! :D :r*: :r*:

Posted on 23 May 2010, 3:43pm

Joined: 21 Sep 2009
Group: Members

rly nice :r*: ! ps are nearly all those who commented NOOBS?

Posted on 05 Jun 2010, 8:31pm

Joined: 05 Jun 2010
Group: BUSTED!

thanks man very cool mod. btw so many noobs... :rah:

Posted on 28 Jun 2010, 10:54pm

Joined: 28 Jun 2010
Group: Members

I installed this but nothing happens when I press 2 (GTA:SA v1.1) :(

Posted on 29 Jun 2010, 9:19pm

Joined: 01 Aug 2008
Group: Members

Youíre being very arrogant about this. Just coz someone hasnít told someone else whet a cleo folder is you wont let them use this mod. The people that donít know what is have to learn it from somewhere. You should just tell them instead of being selfish and for people that donít know what it is, it is a file you have to download. You can get it here

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