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Posted on 28 Jul 2012, 3:50am

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looks like a cool mod :breadfish: :catloaf:

Posted on 03 Oct 2012, 8:07am

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Hi, Awesome Mod Mate! I have a question for you... HOW THE HELL DID YOU MAKE AN AUTOMATIC INSTALLER FOR THIS MOD?!?! I've Searched EVERYWHERE and still no answers Please tell me how you made the .exe file! I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance :sui: :sui: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: Oh and i almost forgot, Heres a cookie for an awesome mod and installer xD :cookie:

Posted on 25 Jun 2013, 7:03pm

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How do you call a taxi?

james @
Posted on 24 Jan 2014, 3:58pm

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how to call a taxi with cell phone :r*: :devil: :devil: :rampage: :monocle: :barf:

John Gaming
Posted on 01 Feb 2015, 4:00am

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Type TAXI on your keyboard.

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