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Posted on 25 May 2008, 7:07pm

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by Krailer

This is a pack of CLEO 3 custom scripts that spawns a shooter with an M4 rifle in turret mode, whenever you enter a Rhino tank, a SWAT van or an FBI truck.

I've included a script (veh_spawn.cs) that spawns the SWAT van and the FBI truck under the bridge in Ganton, and the Rhino tank outside CJ's house. Vehicles spawned with 3rd party tools will work as well.

The shooter is everything proof, so it can't be killed. It will only be deleted if the current vehicle is destroyed, or if you enter a different vehicle.

The shooter is aggressive towards criminals in Vigilante sub-missions and will shoot them (or their vehicles) on sight. It is also aggressive towards enemy gangs and cops that chase you, so it should provide a few hours of retarded fun.

Known Issues:

Sadly, criminals used in Vigilante missions are invulnerable to npc actors and peds, so the shooter can't kill them. However it's still helpful by shooting their vehicles, and it sure adds a lot to the adrenaline of the chase.

As a temporary alternative, I've extracted the Vigilante sub-mission from the main.scm file and converted it into a CLEO custom mission (VGLNTE_START.cs + To play the mission, press keys O+P when inside a police vehicle. Repeat the combination if you wish to cancel the mission. Criminals are vulnerable to NPC's but they have hitman weapon skill level and their vehicles are a bit stronger. Note that you can still play the original Vigilante missions.

The shooter is likely to be aggressive towards other mission characters as well (e.g. cops at impounds), but it was necessary to make it attack the criminals in the original Vigilante sub-missions.


The install instructions are inside each of the 2 folders included in this package, be sure to read them.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the mod, post them in the release topic at GTAForums:

Have fun (or else) !

Thanks to:

Seemann for Sanny Builder and CLEO, PLPynton for the excellent sascm.ini and everyone else who have contributed to the Grand Theft Auto modding community.

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