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Posted on 05 May 2008, 12:13am

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This is a ".b" file (a.k.a. "save file",) that is compatible with "spaceeinstein's All-in-One MOD Version 3.0" for San Andreas. Up to now, there weren't any others out there.

The ".b" file includes the following:
-the game is at the magical 100%
-no cheats ever used
-all tags collected
-all photos photographed
-all horseshoes collected
-all oysters collected
-paramedic, firefighter, vigilante, taxi driver, burglar, and pimping missions completed; all rewards
-health, stamina, lung capacity, respect, and muscle skills maximized
-body fat minimized
-"hitman" status in all weaponry
-cycling, motorbiking, boating, piloting, and driving skills maximized
-NRG 300 and BMX challenges completed
-all street races (including the flying one) done; 1st place in all
-all assets acquired
-gold medals in all schools
-Ammunation challenge passed
-all save houses acquired
-beat Mt. Chiliad's challenge
-found two jumps, done one jump
-$999,999,999 money
-beat both "Beat the Cock" triathlons
-beat all stadium challenges
-bought all clothes
-all girlfriends at 100%
-maximum gambling skill

The player is saved at the Johnson's House in Ganton. None of his garages have a car; he is wearing nothing. His haircut and tattoos are maximized for greatest sex appeal (without clothes). No mods in "MOD shop" or "color shop" are activated. CJ is fully fed at the moment.

I'll add more details as I think of them.

Thanks to "spaceeinstein" for creating such a great modification!
Thanks to "zmoonchild" for helping me get gold medals at all schools (seriously; how do you manage?!).

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Posted on 30 Jul 2008, 6:34pm

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good job, i was searching this already for a few months..:) :blush:

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