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Posted on 17 Jul 2005, 11:39pm

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mESA or mIRC Extension for San Andreas is a fully functional one channel/one network IRC mod that works through mIRC.

From the readme:
"This mIRC Extension for San Andreas allows you to view messages sent to an IRC channel as well as talk back to the channel... all while you are playing San Andreas."

Please read the readme.txt file carefully for installation and usage instructions.

Some features
- View IRC channel messages and send your own from SA.
- You can show/hide the chat messages for unobstructed gameplay.
- The number of chat lines visible is configurable.
- Can work with existing mods that make use of d3d9.dll (like spookie's Speedometer proxy dll for example)

Programming: Arushan (aru)
Special Thanks: Hammer83, kyeman, Luke (Smithers), spookie
Testing: Crazy_Seb, Kon, xlDooM

Posted on 23 Jul 2005, 5:25am

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This is pretty cool. Now I dont have to alt-tab out of GTA to see if people are saying sh*t about me behind my back, and join in on picking on other people.

But I cant seem to send text. I hit the ` key, type something, and press enter. The line I typed goes away, but nothing gets sent.
Could it be that I'm still running mIRC 6.03? What else might it be?

Posted on 25 Aug 2005, 5:06am

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Can't get it to work :( Followed the readme word for word but the game starts up in a windowed black screen

Posted on 01 Aug 2008, 5:19pm

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Could you make a Miranda IM plugin for this? Miranda IM is open source (so it is extremely simple to make plugins for) and has low system resource use (thus making it great to run in the backround of San Andreas).

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