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Posted on 16 Jul 2005, 6:18pm

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I have created a few pieces of clothing inspired the by the Yellow and Black look Bruce Lee used in his last movie Game of Death. I say inspired because I found it not possible to recreate what he worse properly, so I just used the colouring in certain areas.

Some of you may recognise it as being from Kill Bill, but Game of Death is where Tarantino 'borrowed' it from. Every idea he has had can be traced directly to someone else's original idea. Luckily for me, I don't apply this harsh level of criticism to myself.

1 sample picture:

So far I have 2 versions of the pants and 2 versions of the vest and 1 version of Lee's custom trainers. I may add more before releasing it.

Posted on 21 Sep 2010, 4:48pm

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I like this, Definitely cool :cool:

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