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Posted on 29 Apr 2013, 5:53pm

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I'm looking for a garage mod that will allow me to save my customized cars in whichever garage, such that I can pull one, dump it somewhere and it will re-appear in the garage. If I'm looking at this tool right, it appears to save via respawn vanilla cars in the garages it supports, which appears to be: Johnson House, El Corona, Santa Maria. I see no other garages supported by this 0.1 version, which is odd considering the description claims to support all garages including the hangar. I did find 0.2 version elsewhere on the web that appears to support all of Los Santos and San Fiero, though not Las Venturas. There's also a 1.0 version in many different places on the web, but every copy I downloaded is infected with the "pws-ldpinch!bq" trojan (which steals passwords). So I can't tell if there is really was a 1.0 version, or that's just some fake that someone created. This 0.1 version is not infected, just for clarity. I was just wondering if anyone knew if the 1.0 really is real. Anyway, I'm thinking this tool is not what I'm looking for, that it's just a permanent car spawner, not a save-your-customized-car retainer.

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