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Posted on 05 Aug 2007, 10:10am

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Kaneda's PowerBike v1.0
for GTA San Andreas
by AMA

Many anime fans may recognize this motorcycle from Katsuhiro Otomo's 80's anime cult classic "Akira". In Neotokyo, Kaneda uses his powerbike against a rival bike gang known as the Clowns. Later the bike is also used in evading attacks from his telekinetic and psychopathic childhood friend Tetsuo Shima. If you've never seen the movie, I highly recommend it.

This bike was modeled from scratch in 3dstudiomax6 with movie screenshots and other poor resources. Enjoy!

** All required installation info in the "ReadMe.txt" file located within the zip.

Posted on 08 Aug 2007, 9:25am

Joined: 19 Mar 2007
Group: Modders

can you make one without stickers, and maybe a sort-of wing on the back?

Posted on 06 Oct 2007, 5:28pm

Joined: 06 Oct 2007
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i Would enjoy it in red but anyways i have 2 questions... i downloaded and red the readme.txt and uhh i dident quite get what you ment about the the glitching wheel what happens i dont understand and before i even waste my time trying to install this...Where is it???i mean like where in gta sa is it did you replace it with another or what....

airport sercurity
Posted on 16 Jan 2008, 9:01am

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well dosent work on san an installer its just crashed i tried both n i did it with img tool its worked i love it really cool nice job thanks

Posted on 18 Oct 2009, 6:12am

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Posted on 23 Nov 2010, 1:13am

Joined: 18 Nov 2010
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Amazing. This is the best vehicle mod I've come across. You haven't just change the appearance, you've created a new vehicle entirely. Nice work fine tuning the handling - love the way it turns. Modders can take a leaf out of your book. For absolute perfection a new engine noise would do wonders to set it apart from the familiarity of the other bike sounds. (And just imagine it complimented with Akira-style light trails... ) Fantastic work. :cookie:

Posted on 23 Nov 2010, 5:57am

Joined: 18 Nov 2010
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If you download this file and replace your PCJ 600, I recommend then replacing the PCJ 600's sound files with the FCR 900's (Using the SAAT sound editor available from this website). Its smoother, deeper and gives the Akira bike a more rocket-like feeling. Well done again :cookie:

Posted on 02 Sep 2011, 9:13am

Joined: 02 Sep 2011
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I thought Kanade ... :angry:

Posted on 27 May 2012, 2:12am

Joined: 23 Oct 2011
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grr :furious: dammit i thought kanade too

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