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Posted on 23 Jul 2007, 7:21am

Joined: 05 Jun 2007
Group: Modders

Alright so I decided to make another skin and it came out... Not bad so I hope you guy will enjoy it.

In the start of the game claude is in a Orange jail suit or something.. I made him wear the same suit but took out the words on his back because as far as I know thats impossible to do well...

He looks pretty well in my opinion... If you think of anyway I can make it look better please post a comment or something.:D

Posted on 16 Oct 2010, 9:50am

Joined: 12 Feb 2010
Group: Modders

I know this is a bit late! but I have a way to make it better, extract playerp.dff, yes the playerp.dff, the p is for prison I expect, it is the short sleeved model of claude, rename it to just player.dff (Take out the "p" ) and delete your old player (maybe backing it up first) put the original prison skin in the skins folder. Select it in the player options menu and play with the short sleeved claude model with no collar or side pockets on the jeans. Pretty simple, I use this method all the time. Peace

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