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Posted on 09 Jul 2005, 1:10am

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<<<Moon Picture #1>>>
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Here is a special treat for all you guys out there!!! And some of you girls!!!
I know you'll like this one!!!

In your "GTA San Andreas/models" directory, backup your "particle.txd" file...
Then replace the old one (not the backup) with mine!!!

Now theres a "special" picture on the moon!!!

Also, whenever you lock onto an object using a "lock on target" weapon (meaning
the ammo will follow the target), "FIRE!" will appear instead of a boring circle, it is
designed to encourage you to keep shooting faster and faster, which will keep you
alive longer!!!

Have a picture you'd like to put on the moon???
[email protected]

Put... "MOON PICTURES" in subject line and nothing else, I will then send you back
a new "particle.txd" file... with the picture on the moon!!!

To help you see the moon, type in... ICIKPYH ... then type in... XJVSNAJ
...and you'll be able to see the moon...

Shoot at the moon with a sniper rifle to change its size, I reccomend the smallest moon
size to view the picture properly!!!

Posted on 14 Oct 2005, 6:13am

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Maybe if that chick was hot... her tits are small and oddly shaped... tsk tsk tsk... Go get the Hot chick Load Screen, dunno if its on this site though.

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