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Posted on 01 May 2007, 11:08pm

Joined: 18 Mar 2007
Group: Modders

In this mod I have changed all the cars from the "Cheap cars" cheat to any car or vehicle, my one included in this mod is the faggio as its my faviroute bike :P

I will take requests to any other combination of vehicles you can imagine (combine harvesters driving on the motoway etc)

Just comment in this mod of what vehicles you want and I'll upload a file:)

Thanks Rob

e-toxss systems
Posted on 27 May 2007, 2:14am

Joined: 11 Apr 2007
Group: Modders

I get it myself, it's ok now Phoenix everywhere:cool:

Posted on 21 Jun 2007, 8:37pm

Joined: 25 May 2006
Group: Members

hmm... id like an order of combine harvesters on city streets, with a side of slamvans on the highway please

Posted on 13 Mar 2009, 12:51pm

Joined: 28 Feb 2009
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Sultan.Elegy, Turismo, Infernus, Cheetah, ZR350, Jester, Bullet, Super GT :D

Posted on 13 Feb 2012, 4:35am

Joined: 28 Sep 2011
Group: Modders

Can I have: -Euros -Flash -Bullet -SWAT Tank -FBI Truck -FBI Rancher -LSPD Cars -SFPD Cars -LVPD Cars :r*: :r*:

Posted on 17 Feb 2012, 2:43am

Joined: 28 Sep 2011
Group: Modders

Does he not update this?

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