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Posted on 11 Mar 2007, 3:01am

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The Soprano Look - v1.1

The pack contains 3 outfits for vice city,
inspired by the best TV show in the world: The Sopranos.
The clothes' textures are by famous designers such as
Armani, Prada, Allen Edmond and Burma Bibas.

1. Installation:
Place files in your skins folder.

2. Skins on Cutscenes:
If you want Tommy to have the Soprano Look
on the game's cutscenes as well, simply extract CSplay.txd
which is included in this archive, cutscenes folder, and replace the
old CSplay.txd inside your modelsgta3.img, using the IMG Tool.
(The cutscenes skin is based on the Soprano Look Alt.bmp texture).

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