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Posted on 29 Apr 2012, 1:48pm

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Nice Mod My Friend. :D Anyways What ENBseries are you using... Can you post your settings mate?

Posted on 12 May 2012, 2:12pm

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Thanks for your comment!! The ENB settings that I used for this screenshots are: //ENBSeries 0.075 (no bump)  QUOTE
EnableProxyLibrary=0 InitProxyFunctions=0 ProxyLibrary= UseEffect=1 AlternativeDepth=1 AllowAntialias=1 BugFixMode=1 SkipShaderOptimization=0 QuadVertexBuffer=0 EnableShaders_3_0=1 AdditionalConfigFile=enbseries2.ini EnableBloom=1 EnableOcclusion=0 EnableReflection=1 EnableMotionBlur=0 EnableWater=0 EnableShadow=1 DepthBias=10 EnableDepthOfField=0 KeyUseEffect=123 KeyBloom=120 KeyOcclusion=121 KeyReflection=122 KeyCombination=16 KeyScreenshot=44 KeyShadow=119 KeyWater=118 KeyShowFPS=106 ReflectionPower=20 ChromePower=10 UseCurrentFrameReflection=0 ReflectionQuality=0 ReflectionSourceSpecular=50 ReflectionSourceTFactor=50 UseAdditiveReflection=0 ReflectionDepthBias=10 UseLowResReflection=0 ReflectionSinglePass=1 UseEnvBump=1 EnvBumpAmount=100 EnvBumpOffset=100 ReflectionFlip=1 BloomPowerDay=20 BloomFadeTime=200 BloomConstantDay=5 BloomQuality=0 BloomScreenLevelDay=60 BloomCurveDay=3 BloomPowerNight=25 BloomConstantNight=5 BloomCurveNight=3 BloomScreenLevelNight=20 BloomAdaptationScreenLevel=80 BloomAdaptationMultiplier=20 BloomAllowOversaturation=0 BloomMaxLimit=50 UseFilter=1 OcclusionQuality=2 FilterQuality=1 DarkeningLevel=30 BrighteningLevel=30 IlluminationLevel=30 AdditiveIlluminationLevel=30 UseAmbientOcclusion=1 UseIndirectLighting=1 FadeDistance=50 UseForAlphaTest=1 UseForAlphaBlend=1 DarkeningAmountDay=10 ScreenLevelDay=60 ScreenLevelNight=30 DarkeningAmountNight=-10 GammaCurveDay=0 GammaCurveNight=3 ColorSaturationDay=1 ColorSaturationNight=0 UsePaletteTexture=1 UseWaterDeep=1 WaterDeepness=20 WaterQuality=0 ShadowFadeStart=40 ShadowFadeEnd=80 ShadowAmountDay=60 ShadowAmountNight=30 ShadowScreenLevelDay=60 ShadowScreenLevelNight=20 ShadowQuality=2 UseShadowFilter=0 FilterQuality=2 ShadowBlurRange=15 ForceAnisotropicFiltering=0 MaxAnisotropy=16 ForceDisplayRefreshRate=0 DisplayRefreshRateHz=60 MotionBlurQuality=1 MotionBlurVelocity=40 MotionBlurRotation=40 SpecularColorMin=0 SpecularColorMax=100 SpecularColorMultiplier=100 SpecularGlossinessMin=0 SpecularGlossinessMax=100 SpecularGlossinessMultiplier=100 DOFQuality=0 DOFNumberOfPasses=1 DOFFocusRange=50 DOFBlurinessRange=5
Also Im using this custom enbpalette.bmp for the color correction:

Posted on 19 Oct 2012, 10:15am

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the font is so cool :) 5* for you bro and :cookie: :cookie: Too :D

Posted on 21 Mar 2013, 3:38am

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Thanks it is awesome. Here's your cookies :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Posted on 12 May 2013, 11:12am

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Nice Work, my Friend :D Have some Cookies :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Posted on 25 Jul 2013, 7:47am

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How did you add that location info like on 3rd image around the radar "Los Santos", "Playa del Sevilee" if you or anybody could tell me how to add that or give me link where to download i would be grateful.

Posted on 30 Jan 2014, 6:21pm

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I rep. aced the file but it's not HD> :rah:

The Truth '92
Posted on 22 May 2014, 1:26pm

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The locations displayed around the radar is Wesser's Zone Text mod. Zone Text Mod

Posted on 19 Mar 2016, 3:11pm

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Thanks dude! I can finally enjoy a 1080p font of San Andreas! Can you make a HD Texture mod too? Die 144p fonts! :die: :die:

Posted on 26 Sep 2016, 9:40pm

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Thank you for Turkish support. :r*:

Posted on 01 Dec 2016, 9:19am

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Can you add Czech language characters? :sui:

Posted on 01 Feb 2017, 7:38pm

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Can you add Russian language please

Posted on 21 Mar 2017, 8:23pm

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Could you do polish language too? :) Polish fonts.txd link:!EsJRQBoY!NQjC_8SOgeu4t8zx8LR5wwZ9o3xIRDNme8C388bOtXs

Posted on 29 Jan 2018, 12:11am

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The fonts are awesome!

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