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Posted on 11 Sep 2006, 4:35pm

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This mod greatly improves the speed, acceleration and handling of 41 cars without nitro. Have fun with the police, they'll be late arriving to the scene so you can slash and burn at will. Take your girl for a ride in your Bandito and kart. She sits on your lap.

Posted on 11 Sep 2006, 5:57pm

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Why can you even post screens why did you even post this mod if theres nothing to DOWNLOAD!!!

Posted on 12 Sep 2006, 2:43am

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Sorry it didn't go through. All for the better cause I forgot
the mod that lets your girl ride in your kart. I'll sent it again. I don't know what screens you want, it isn't a skin. The cars look the same, some are little lower. There are no .txd files in the download.

Posted on 12 Sep 2006, 11:35am

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FUN WITH COPS is a mod that makes fools of the emergency services and police forces in each city and country town. Their cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles don't handle well and are highly suseptible to damage. The cops are not only fun to watch but you'll have more freedom for slashing and burning as they fumble their way to the crime scene. The Police Maverick will fall from the sky with a few shots from just about any weapon. The polmav will come at you nose down, shoot for the engine.

STUNTER'S DREAM is a handling mod that will make 41 or you cars much faster and handle better, all without nitro. As well they are almost indestructible. The Bandito and Hotknife are the stars of the show. I have gotten over 850 feet of flight off the broken bridge at Palomino Creek and gone all the way plus 300 feet into the water over the barn at Blueberry Acres. The dumb cars are not modded and remain dumb. The Hermes is the only lowrider with improved speed and handling. The Walton is my main weapon, heavy and tuff. You can take out 40-50 cop cars with her before she shows signs of wear.

FUN WITH COPS and STUNTER'S DREAM is both mods. Something kool to do when you're at 100% or whenever you're tired of cops and need some breathing space to carry out some destruction. This mod will not affect cops on foot.

The WHEELS folder will fit some of your cars with wider tyres. Try it if you like. Some of my dumb cars have new txds so I can't guarantee all the sizes will fit yours. Those cars with open wheel wells are probably not a concern. Some cars might be lower than before, especially the hotknife, low with very fat tyres. Try some new car colours if you are tired of your old ones.

Glitches: There will be lots of explosions from the destruction. Slower computers may not like this. Also the frame rate at these high speeds can be demanding. I have 3.0 CPU with 1 gig RAM and it runs fine.

NOTES: The motorcycle cops are the funniest. You can walk up to them and push them over without a wanted star coming up, teasing them. The ambulance and fire truck are heavier than ever and they haven't much for brakes. They'll slam into peds and cars sending everyone to Hell, then explode. Go near waters edge and watch the cops fall like goonies off a cliff .. or go to a cliff, get some stars and watch them as they come for you and them kill themselves. Forget any side missions where emergency vehicles are used. The taxis and Broadways run better than ever, but the hauling Linerunner-types and slow and wide stuff are very light now and can be pushed aside off the road with ease. Most of the cars are steering and traction-tuned for very high speeds. Some cars will over-steer at low speeds, but you know, these are stunt cars now .. you'll get used it it. The Infernus, my favorite, has the fastest acceleration and top speed of them all. It often comes off the ground at a standing start. Many cars, in fact, are too fast for some roads. You'll soon learn which they are and with practice you'll control them well.

Try the kart, it's really a BFinject with invisible doors now but still like it did (very hard to steer at low speeds as the tyres are still small). The Bandit has doors too. Take you girl for a ride, she sits on your lap.

This is not an Earth-shaking mod but I put a lot of hours into road testing and tuning these 41 cars.

Posted on 14 Sep 2006, 7:56am

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i read about your mod i like it,
hope we will able to download it soon

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