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Posted on 15 Jul 2011, 3:08pm

Joined: 03 Jul 2011
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how can i edit a mod i have the sunny builder but i can't do it

Posted on 20 Jul 2011, 5:34pm

Joined: 27 Feb 2009
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:inlove: looks great... how the hell can I download it? Will the files be online some day?

Posted on 02 Aug 2011, 11:48pm

Joined: 22 Dec 2010
Group: Modders

@the-planet sanny builder is a software to edit cs.file, not ASI.file!

Posted on 05 Aug 2011, 11:09pm

Joined: 24 Jan 2010
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not work for me :( everytime same cars in traffic :S

Posted on 09 Aug 2011, 10:11am

Joined: 29 Nov 2010
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on it works, but on

Posted on 26 Aug 2011, 10:53pm

Joined: 26 Aug 2011
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it works... but have bugs !! textures disappears. I mean textures dont want to load... cause of this mod.

Posted on 07 Oct 2011, 12:56pm

Joined: 16 Apr 2010
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Super nice mod! BTW I get the texture-loading problem; and if I lower under 100 density with customdensity, no traffic appears. :bored:

Posted on 14 Oct 2011, 12:50am

Joined: 25 Jun 2011
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I really like this mod. It has made a definite reduction in the number of duped cars, and makes the game a little more believable. Is there any chance that you'll make it compatible with EFLC?

Posted on 07 Nov 2011, 10:35pm

Joined: 02 Oct 2006
Group: Modders

It is compatible, just add the cars file name in the .ini and they'll spawn fine. (For example the Buffalo, just add buffalo to the ini and it'll spawn fine)

Posted on 01 Dec 2013, 4:59am

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I have seen special offer of the limited edition game accessories of this, but I was not so sure if they are selling it at discounted price. As far as I know some collectors have obtain some of the items at expensive rate.

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