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Posted on 01 Jun 2006, 8:01pm

Joined: 20 Apr 2006
Group: Modders

This mod turns all of the Grove St. Gang members into CJ. They will look just as you look in the game. If you go to Binco or ProLaps and buy some clothes your Doppelgangers will wear what you wear, also if you get a haircut they'll have the same haircut as you do. If you gain weight or lose weight they will do the same. They are genitic copies of CJ in every way. The only downside is that the Clones lack speech but if you recruit one he'll shake his head yes.

Posted on 09 Jul 2006, 11:18pm

Joined: 27 Apr 2006
Group: Members

YO you are the dude, dude! i only have one little problem with you spooky and altough cool mod: when i go trough an entrancemarker(no matter wich, also can be more then one) more then 6 times i got an not so nice gamecrash! i hop you wanna fix it for me, you also can contact me at my MSN(below)

[email protected]



Serious Dave
Posted on 03 Aug 2006, 12:42am

Joined: 04 Jan 2006
Group: Modders

this is sweet...i have a MR.T army:rampage:

good find

big ryder
Posted on 12 Jun 2007, 8:44pm

Joined: 10 Jun 2007
Group: Members

the game crashes when im starting it.:furious:
can you fix that?:wtf:

Posted on 09 Aug 2007, 6:07pm

Joined: 21 Jul 2007
Group: Modders

 QUOTE (big ryder @ 14:44, Jun 12 2007)
the game crashes when im starting it.:furious:
can you fix that?:wtf:

I had the same problem but I fixed it myself:) Open peds.ide file, then find ped No.0, this is player. Change both "null" and "generic" to "PLAYER". Done. Your GTA SA is compatible with this mod:)

Posted on 28 Aug 2007, 4:02pm

Joined: 01 Jan 2007
Group: Modders

dam this mod is suck....
i didn't download it cuz it can crsah the game
dam do something sepcil ever1 can do that....
(noob) =)better mod next time i hope...

Posted on 07 Sep 2007, 7:00pm

Joined: 21 Jul 2007
Group: Modders

Is crashing dangerous? First, you can backup your old files. Second, there weren't any "special actions", only three words changed with notepad in the file:D

Posted on 18 Aug 2008, 7:39pm

Joined: 14 Aug 2008
Group: Modders

Thanks, I now Have 30 Cjs on The Grove!:sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh::sigh:

Posted on 21 Nov 2008, 10:29am

Joined: 06 Oct 2008
Group: Modders

This mod does not work, i tryed the following but it didn't help could you update this mod or i hope you :die:

Posted on 07 Feb 2010, 1:37pm

Joined: 13 Jan 2010
Group: BUSTED!

when you save your look at CJ's house or any other house it's okay... but when you go out and you see CJ homies.. YOU CAN'T CHANGE YOUR LOOK ANYMORE! this causes the game to crash :r*:

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