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Posted on 08 May 2006, 3:25pm

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This mod will make all days sunny or very sunny. But it will still rain. Thunderstorms and sandstorms still occur, it will also still get dark when it's late evening and night.

Sandstorms and thunderstorms will not make your visuality poor.

Q: What's the difference between this mod and the 'Always Sunny' mod?

A: The 'Always Sunny' mod has no night, no rain, only sunny days. But in this mod the days will only be sunny.

Note: If you have 2/4/10x draw distance and you install this mod then you won't have extra draw distance anymore.

If you notice any bugs, please notice me about it and I'll try to fix it.

How to install this mod:
Download the timecyc file, copy and paste it to the 'Data' folder of your San Andreas folder. Replace the files and start your game. Never forget to make a backup.

I am NOT responsible for any trouble this mod may cuase. But I will try to help you as much as possible.

Thanks for interest in this mod and I hope this will make your game more fun or better.

Posted on 27 Jul 2006, 1:58am

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mmmh...what can i say...i am supposed to make a replay on evry mod for sa, butaah, i am a little bit confused know why? BECAUSE THIS MOD IS ONE OF THE BEST, THATS WHY!! well, i cant say anymore, but rain is the thing i would like to have removed, and that should b great

with great greetings

PS, i am open for questions about anything about san andreas, I KNOW ANYTHING, i am the best expert after rockstar itself, so dont feel in shame, contact me on MSN or by mail:
[email protected]
cya there!

Posted on 06 Aug 2006, 8:25am

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Sorry for the late answer. A lot of people have been looking for a way to remove the pesky rain but with no avail.

Posted on 29 Nov 2008, 4:54pm

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Thank you, i hate that stupid heatwave blur effect. :cookie:

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