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Posted on 16 Mar 2011, 2:52pm

Joined: 06 Nov 2009
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Post some pics please :D.Oh, and one more thing... I'd like it if your next project would be a heli replacing the Maverick, with interior, 4 seats and changeable colors (The maverick spawns with 2 random colors, but some mods only have one paintjob.Thanks! P.S: I love your style of making mods, that's why i request this from you...

Posted on 18 Mar 2011, 11:22am

Joined: 16 Dec 2010
Group: Members

can you make the chopper with the doors closed?

Posted on 18 Mar 2011, 1:07pm

Joined: 01 Jul 2009
Group: Modders

There are two models one with opened doors second with closed.

Posted on 19 Mar 2011, 3:58am

Joined: 16 Aug 2010
Group: Members

dude that OH-58 Kiowa is sexy... Link?

Posted on 19 Mar 2011, 11:20am

Joined: 13 Feb 2011
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 QUOTE (travels @ 03:58, Today)
dude that OH-58 Kiowa is sexy... Link?
get to his blog there is a link :D

Posted on 29 Mar 2011, 6:55am

Joined: 18 Jan 2011
Group: Modders

Much better than the one in GTA- world mods : )

Posted on 07 Jun 2011, 2:01pm

Joined: 29 May 2011
Group: Modders

hey i hate when the vehicle doesnt respawn in its corresponding place ex. is the maverick that i mod to uh-1 it always appear in the impound lot in SF please fix it

Posted on 24 Aug 2011, 9:26pm

Joined: 02 Jul 2007
Group: Modders

so you say you prefer modding rather than modeling :D great job & nice picture :devil:

Posted on 26 Aug 2011, 2:59pm

Joined: 26 Aug 2011
Group: Members

Awesome im looking for this mod long times !!Now im going to dowload and paly !! :) :r*:

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