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Posted on 05 Mar 2006, 2:24pm

Joined: 16 Mar 2005
Group: Modders

I added about a dozen or so sky scrappers in the Las Venturas west [the welcome to las venturas sign area], then proceded to build a city around that.

The following is to help the mods at this forum make an approval to have the mod here :

Version 1
New Vegas West

user posted image

Added a few tall buildings with load files [ for a bit of a skyline from afar ] Also Lights in most tall buildings . Here are 3 different videos , 3 different sizes too .

Streaming putfile video

Video 18 mb d/l at rapidshare

Video 53 mb rapidshare

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Simply download the zip from rapidshare unzip and there will be 2 files , make a copy of your original before you install these .

This is my first real map mod , had a blast making it hope you can enjoy it to . Basically it is the save house area in western Venturas built up a bit .

Posted on 03 Apr 2006, 5:11pm

Joined: 29 Mar 2006
Group: Members

Nice mod!:) but... There is smth whong! Maybe buildings placed unnatural but now that part of LV looks much better!!! Keep going! Make some new cities!!!

Posted on 02 Jan 2007, 11:00pm

Joined: 27 May 2006
Group: Members

Nice mod, would be better if there were side walks around the edges of the buildings though.
4/5 Nice work. ;)

Posted on 06 May 2009, 7:24pm

Joined: 09 Apr 2009
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Where are the Sindacco Factories (Meat, Plastic)? I can't play the missions You've Had Your Chips, Intensive Care and The Meat Business anymore!

Posted on 05 Sep 2010, 12:11am

Joined: 26 Jun 2010
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good mod :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: It's more urban!

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