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Warning:Good name ahead
Posted on 21 Feb 2006, 7:27pm

Joined: 14 Feb 2006
Group: Modders

This mod should change the sprunk machines into Pepsi

1.) open GTA3.img from C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGTA San Andreasmodels

2.) go to EDIT > FIND > (type) cj_ext_vend

3.) Then, once you find that rename it old_cj_ext_vend

4.) Then ADD this one go to COMMANDS > ADD > Pepsi vend

5.) You're all set! go play your game and enjoy it

Posted on 28 May 2009, 10:53pm

Joined: 27 Apr 2009
Group: Modders

i prefer cocacola but this has better graphics xD

Posted on 03 Sep 2011, 4:19pm

Joined: 18 Jul 2010
Group: Members

Cool and epic i like coca cola more than pepsi but never mind btw THE id is 'leet' in number language lol

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