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Posted on 27 Jun 2005, 2:21pm

Joined: 28 May 2003
Group: Modders

theres 4 new shirts,
3 new pants (one is just recolored jeans),
a new black hat with studded brim,
and a new pair of black boots.

leave some feedback if you wish.

Posted on 06 Jul 2005, 5:55am

Joined: 24 Jun 2005
Group: Members

No self respecting black man would ever put those clothes on.

Posted on 16 Jul 2005, 9:40pm

Joined: 28 May 2003
Group: Modders

theyre not for self respecting black men. ;)

Posted on 28 Nov 2005, 1:14am

Joined: 19 Jul 2005
Group: Members

no prob... my cj is white...

Posted on 03 Dec 2007, 8:05am

Joined: 17 Nov 2007
Group: Members

This is an awesome mod!! good job, could you tell us what clothes they replace? i still havent found out where 2 of the jeans are and the shoes

Posted on 11 Mar 2009, 2:40pm

Joined: 11 Mar 2009
Group: Members

in what shop r those all? :catspider:

Posted on 08 Jul 2009, 6:03am

Joined: 18 Jun 2009
Group: Members

lol there are goth black guys, and they are pretty raw :cool:

Posted on 12 Jun 2010, 11:05pm

Joined: 10 Jun 2010
Group: Modders

good mod! :rampage:

Amine Spiro
Posted on 31 Jul 2011, 10:28am

Joined: 30 Jul 2011
Group: BUSTED!

will it work for my white cj mod ??

Posted on 17 Sep 2012, 7:27am

Joined: 14 Sep 2012
Group: BUSTED!

I'm new to using San Andreas mods, but understand that clothes you add replace the default store clothes. If I were to get this pack (which looks incredible by the way), which stores would I find these items in ?

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