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Posted on 14 Mar 2010, 10:47am

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How can you release my work without even asking me? i never gave permission to this. you have had enough time to ask me. now i am pissed off. about this and the fact that you lie to people. This is my work, including a few slight changes from someone who has just discovered how handling editors work. (i dont use handling editors. i know everything by heart and never have to look anything up) lets take a look at your changes: Tv - this paramter is always mistaken for "top speed" Thats WRONG! It's called "transmission velocity" and it changes transmission, especially the first gear. changing this parameter completely messes up vehicle acceleration. top speed is defined by air drag you noobs! next change: amount of gears - its NOT REALISTIC to change amount of gears in gta4 to the "real life total amount"! this can lead to severe problems, since "Tg" is mainly used to define transmission ratio. there are severe gta4 bugs related to "Tg". > also huge impact on acceleration! changing vehicle weight by 1% doesnt make my handling more realistic either. if you want to make something more realistic you have to know how parameters actually work. i have spent 500 hours with handling editing and i dont expect someone with only a few hours of experience to actually improve my work. It's easy to take a top notch product, make some minor changes to it and sell it as "new". thats what they do in china. cars in my mod already feature realistic acceleration and braking. i have spent more than 150 hours with stopwatch and calculator to verify that. how can setting brakeforce to 250% make my mod "more realistic" ? you choose to describe it as "realistic handling". how is that justified when it looks like you are creating another "need for speed"? "I won't go over 258 kmh because it is less realistic" thats a lie! YOU FAILED! and now you sell it as "feature" to the people. the speed cap in gta is the only problem my mod has. its the only thing that needs to be improved. by saying that a murcielago or zonda capped at 258 kmh is realistic you actually contradict your "high performance" mod's reason for existance. now defend yourself, or i will have this mod removed. some pissed off tomato :angry:

Posted on 11 Jul 2015, 9:48am

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Hey, Killatomate. Can you maybe make a Realistic Handling Mod for GTA SA? I'll appreciate it a lot!

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