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Posted on 10 Dec 2007, 1:04am

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I have uploaded an updated final BETA (4). A number of files have been amended in this release, and the following changes have been made;-

- Numerous changes and optimisations to code to remedy some stability and performance issues
- Fixed bug that prevented the Tec 9 being used whilst on the Jetpack. Also added ability to select your weapon when on the Jetpack by arming it then picking up the Jetpack (only pistol and machine guns work as normal)
- Fixed message spam bug in the Strip Clubs
- Fixed bug with respect earned from missions (will be transparent to players but should fix a possible crash/stability issue)
- Changes and improvements to some of the rewards for completing some sub-missions
- Fixed a couple of bugs in the Vigilante mission
- Fixed bug with the intro to the 'Tanked Up' mission so it can be skipped like other cutscenes
- Fixed game bug where girlfriends could appear in the wrong cars and without their personal license plates when they spotted you two-timing when on a date
- Fixed a couple of issues that could cause a strange white square to appear in the hud in place of your weapon
- Fixed a bug with the dinghy (handling was corrupted, leftover from testing)
- You can now enter and use the crane in Los Santos like the other cranes in the game (works the same as the one in Las Venturas)
- Added cutscenes for the 'Doberman' and 'Impounded' missions (the anims and lipsync are a little out of time as they are recycled from other cutscenes however I thought it was better this way so that you get the correct audio introductions for the missions which sets the scene a little better)

With the final release looming (just finishing a couple of missions) I thought I'd embark on some kind of media launch campaign of sorts, and if you want to help, just spread the word about the mod and its goodness ;)

You can download a promotional piccy and a quick trailer I've thrown together from here (let me know what you think of the trailer, theres a couple of interesting scenes in there for the very sharp eyed among you);-

Alternatively, you can watch the trailer on YouTube here;-

Thanks for all of your ongoing support over a long period of development, you guys make me think the work is worthwhile:)

Soul Sacrificed
Posted on 10 Dec 2007, 1:44am

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It is very worthwhile to me.
You have made the game even more fun.
Thank you for everything.

Posted on 10 Dec 2007, 6:58am

Joined: 08 Jul 2006
Group: Modders

I like the trailer, but then I am a sharp eye and listener:P. I dont think everybody is and then you might put in some more scenes where you show some more new stuff. That will make it more "attractive":) Anyways great work!

Posted on 11 Dec 2007, 11:39pm

Joined: 11 Jun 2005
Group: Modders

a question:

If I already installed 3.1 beta, should I have to replace all the things in gta3.img AGAIN?

Posted on 12 Dec 2007, 6:54am

Joined: 22 Jun 2005
Group: Modders

You will only need to add LaWn_stream2.ipl to GTA3.IMG. Dont forget theres the contents of the new 'anim' folder to add to cuts.img.

Posted on 13 Dec 2007, 2:47am

Joined: 31 May 2007
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Deezire could u please make the Grove Gang members smarter? well they are kinda stupid >.> and could make them hold AK's or something? or maybe switch weapons

Posted on 14 Dec 2007, 6:21pm

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I think that you have to fix vigilante mission (once again). This time game crashes in 6 level. The problem is a car. When i destroyed it i still see red square on the map.
EDIT. Forget about it. It was my mistake.

Posted on 14 Dec 2007, 9:48pm

Joined: 15 Nov 2007
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haha this seems like a good mod, im gonna download ASAP

Posted on 16 Dec 2007, 4:04am

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i agree the video needs to pop with loads of the new things you added DeeZire, not having a trained eye i thought it was ok but imo could do with some more obvious changes even if its some text pointing to something.

looking foward to seeing your work pay off with a final:)

Posted on 04 Jan 2008, 2:16am

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well it sucks for us people who have the 2.0 release, the reverter doesnt work for that version i think as well, well not for me anyway.

but good work on this.

Posted on 04 Jan 2008, 4:39am

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the reverter should work for v2.0, I've seen people posting here that have v2.0 and apparently have no trouble using the mod. All I can say is maybe retry the reverter, as well as when you replace the txd, dff, and ipl files into the img archives, use IMGTool and make sure you rebuild the archive after replacing/adding the files. If that doesn't work, post back in a new topic and I'm sure someone will be able to provide you assistance.

Posted on 04 Jan 2008, 6:36am

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I have 2.0, and so far, it's worked fine for me. I had one issue with the AWOL Angel, but I got that taken care of.

Posted on 05 Jan 2008, 2:51pm

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well this is just great. happy new year to all, but especially deezire.

you're all stars, don't forget it!

Posted on 15 Jan 2008, 11:21am

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The mod has now been featured on PlanetGTA!

Here's the screeny;-

Posted on 15 Jan 2008, 11:33pm

Joined: 25 Jun 2005
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awesome. I can't wait for volume II to come out, but I want to finish vol. I first, which college is making very hard. Keep up the good work DZ, and why hasn't R* picked you up yet?:p

Posted on 16 Jan 2008, 2:30pm

Joined: 02 Apr 2007
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The Mod is awesome but the most impresive feature is that now you're able to play two of the three missions originally designed for the game but that were removed by Rockstar before the game release.

I hope you would be able to unlock the third one that is called "Fish in a Barrel" I saw it in the original GXT file. In spite of you see only a short cutscene the mission should be played before CJ, Ran Fa Li and Woozie assign the deal to be partners in the triad casino.

For what is possible to read, in the mission Salvatore send some guys to kill Ran Fa Li when he arrives in Las Venturas. CJ objective should be pick up Farlie on the Las Venturas Airport and transport him in a Limo to the Triad Casino.

Posted on 16 Jan 2008, 9:18pm

Joined: 22 Jun 2005
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 QUOTE (mobile @ 14:30, Today)
I hope you would be able to unlock the third one that is called "Fish in a Barrel" I saw it in the original GXT file. In spite of you see only a short cutscene the mission should be played before CJ, Ran Fa Li and Woozie assign the deal to be partners in the triad casino.

Yes, I do plan on restoring that part of the mission, however much of the cutscene was removed which makes it difficult. The original cutscene (not in the game) offers some background explanation to Woozies quote later in the game when he asks CJ if he is going soft on him again ;)

Posted on 19 Jan 2008, 11:41am

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Hi all, I have uploaded another update which takes the build to the very final BETA 5. Its just an update, so after you have downloaded BETA 4 simply replace the relevant files with those included before you install it (or simply replace the existing files if you have already installed it).

Here's the changelist;-

- Fixed some errors in the optional SAMI script that could prevent correct installation
- Fixed a glitch in the 'Car Salesman' mission that made one of the customers almost impossible to please (this customer requires a car that can outrun the cops, and will be pleased quicker if you gain a wanted level by running over pedestrians)
- Finished the 24/7 robbery code so that it now works exactly like other GTA games - you must now point a gun or other suitable weapon at the cashier to trigger the money to be given. Killing the cashier will result in no further money being handed over. The longer you keep a gun pointed at her the more money that will be given but a higher wanted level will be attained
- Added 'Karmageddon/Crush!/Rush!' type side-missions as seen in Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories - you must cause enough mayhem on the roads within a time limit to earn cash bonuses and each time you will compete against your own best time record
- Added a couple more characters to 'Free Roam' (although these are not unlocked until certain points in the storyline)
- Fixed bug in the 'Burglary' sub-mission where the 'Cash' counter text could sometimes stay on screen after the mission had ended
- Relocated one of the customers in the 'Pizza Boy' sub-mission to prevent it being almost impossible to complete at the higher levels

Posted on 19 Jan 2008, 9:56pm

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Very nice.


Posted on 22 Jan 2008, 2:36am

Joined: 14 Jan 2008
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I found some errors in the SAMI Script for BETA5. There are these 3 lines in the script that give an error:


Thats because they are written this way:


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