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Posted on 10 Nov 2007, 3:14am

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Drugwars Readme.txt Part 1 (DRAFT)

This mod is an attempt to extend playability after finishing the main story.
The story is loosely based on Reaganís War on Drugs of the 80ís, where
The US began using the military in the fight against Drugs.
Our story here is that after years of fighting a loosing battle, the Military is fed up
with this mission and employs CJ to carry on in getting Drugs out of San Andreas.
Toreno, possibly put in a good word for CJÖThanks a lot!

If you start a new game, it proceeds normally until you complete the story line missions including End of the Line.
You must also complete all the oyster, horseshoe, photo pickups and buy all properties in the game.
Once you complete these you can start Drugwars by entering the Red mission sphere
just North of Verdant Meadow.
Here we have a small animation telling the story, and the mission starts.
Unlike game missions, this Mod is a free roam kind of thing. You pick up packages in between
other regular side missions.

The Packages:
They look like the packages from GTA III.
There are 2 phases to the packages. If you look at the map also included with the Mod, you can
see the map is divided into quadrants, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast.
There are 50 packages in each quadrant for each phase, which Iíll call Phase A and Phase B.
You must collect all packages in Phase A, which is 50 packages in each of the four quadrants
( marked in Red on the map) before continuing on to Phase B, which also has
50 packages in each quadrant (marked in light violet on the map)
Thatís 200 packages for Phase A, and 200 for Phase B, for a total of 400.

The reward for collecting all the packages is;
A $10,000,000 reward.
24 Weapon spawns behind the Fuel Depot in Las Venturas.
Pleasure Domes in SF interior opened
Vargos Gang House interior opened (where you rescued Denise)
Planning Department in LV interior opened
Sindacco Abattoir (Meat Factory) in LV interior opened
LS Crack Den in LS interior opened. (where CJ and Ryder beatup the Ballas Dope pushers)
Every Friday night is party night is LS from now on, some upstart will take territory, and maybe worse.
Unlocking of Racing circuit, explained laterÖ.

The Mission of package pickups:
The basics are; you find and pickup a package and deliver it to an available agent for disposal.
Easy enough, the basic GTA fetch and go right.

First thing that happens when you pickup a package is a random number of gang members spawn and try and kill you,
Maybe zero spawn, maybe one with no weapon, maybe five or six all armed, to protect their merchandise.
Now, once you kill these guys, a time limit starts, you must deliver the package on time to get paid.
The delivery points are selected randomly from 12 points on the map, so you may have to travel quite far,
but the timer is adjusted for the distance. The farther you have to go, the more time you get.
Now once you get there, its quite possible youíll get attacked again, the same way as when you picked up the package.
You canít enter the disposal sphere until these attackers have been dispatched.
Then enter the sphere and your done, one package mission complete, and $5000 richer for your trouble.

Another thing, when you make a package pickup, a few other things may also happen.
There is a 50% chance that the gangs will take over a territory from the normal gangwars.
So if you happen to have taken all 53 territories in the normal game and canít play gangwars
anymore, you will again be able play with it with this mod.
There is also another 30% chance that this could cause a riot in Los Santos, just make it interesting!

A few things to note about the mod, Saves happen automatically when;
1 you start the mission, after the animation the mod saves (unless you die ;) )
2 when a package is successfully delivered the mod saves.
It doesnít save the money you make though the pickups though.
So if you die and reload a save before saving , the pickup still counts, but you lose the cash.
Phase A of the package pickups (200) proceed pretty much as described above, but when it moves to
Phase B things change as you proceed, the gangs start to get desperate, and employ corrupt cops.
What does that mean? In addition to the pickup attacks above
The first 50 packages of phase B you get a 1 star wanted level at pickup
Next 50, 2 stars, then 3 stars, and the last 50 you get 4 stars.
The only nice thing is the disposal agent gives you more time to deliver your package,
A little more time for each star. Thanks!

Other odds and ends.
The pickup are turned off when you are on other missions in the game so you canít accidentally stumble into them,
And the opposite is true, after a pickup, other missions will be disabled (Rockstar code permitting)

The criteria for placing pickups was to put them in interesting places or places you donít normally go
when just rampaging around. Sometimes I tried to put them in places I knew might make it more difficult.
No packages are placed in interiors though, and by this I mean real interiors, because some are still
on ground level, like the Atrium in LS (Just Business start)
You will visit almost every part of the map if you complete all 400 though.

When playing the story mission only the original 53 territories will be available, this Mod wonít change that.
Its not until this mission starts and your taking drug packages from the gangs from all over the state that they start
grabbing territory from all over.
The territories act normal, and gang will start to attack, as R* designed it,
slow and weak as it is, seems I canít change that though.

Run the software from the cleo folder.
What it does is scan all the data files from this mod and gives you a nice checklist of all the packages
collected so far.
Racing configuration is also done with the software, along with racing stats.

Up to 100 racing tracks can be entered using the software, each track can have up to 99
checkpoints. This is just enough to layout an entire race around the outside of the San Andreas map.
You can also enter Gold, Silver, and Bronze time thresholds, for cash prizes.
Cash prizes are $100 for each checkpoint for Bronze, 2 times that for Silver, and 4 times for Gold.
Losers get nothing, well, there is something, but youíll see. (harmless/stupid)
Your 5 fastest times are also stored. You can also reset the stats for any race anytime.
You can also press ĎRí in game to pause the red race start sphereís from showing.

The races can be split up into different vehicles, meaning you can start the race in one vehicle,
change to another, and then finish the race in another. You can place a change almost anywhere in the race.
In a 99 checkpoint race you can design it to change 15 times if you want to, practical/fun though?

You get to keep the vehicle you finish with.
Stats are only saved if you finish the race, alive.
You can use almost any vehicle in the game and also change to on foot / swimming,
no RC vehicles though, sorry.
You can make a Andom race, or SWAT tank, Mower, Cement truck, anything.
A list of possible vehicles is provided. (its all, except for RCís)

When you save a race it also saves a text file of all data, this is so you can post the race to a message board
for others to use. Of course there is also a button to Load this data file into your race circuit.

This mod does not require any modification to the San Andreas install.
No models, no text, no data files, everything is included in the cleo including custom text.
You need CLEO 3 installed (very easy to do, 3 files to copy)
Also includes a modified version of the camera plug in, not quite so
aggressive, just enough higher camera angle so you can see past CJ on a bike.
Copy all Mod files to cleo folder

End readme

Progress so far;
Just testing, no major bugs, just difficultly and adjusting timing type stuff.
Still pondering what territories to add, tested about a hundred additional ones,
they work pretty good and fit into my story well.
Its doesnít overwhelm too much, because the additional territories are added
rather slowly, only one per pickup, and even then only a 50% chance.
I kind of like the escalating chaos aspect, sort of, the more you do, the more happens.

Posted on 12 Nov 2007, 10:10am

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so we need to do all the game?

Posted on 12 Nov 2007, 1:41pm

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 QUOTE (Simex @ 10:10, Today)
so we need to do all the game?

Ya, most of the game needs to be completed, there are technical/programming reasons for it.
If all you want to do is play this, then one way around it is to download a 100% save from this site,
Thatís what I did, since I lost my 100% game awhile ago to a re-install.

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