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Posted on 23 Aug 2007, 12:46am

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It would be cool if you have the BIGFOOT mod in this mod so you can cap a bigfoot for money, make it so that when the BF missions are over, Bigfoot and the yeti would walk around the woods and Mount Chilliad so you can cap him whenever you want because he dissappears and wont ever exist again unless you start a new game and replay the missions.

The Lord Ice Mod,
English version is on this site somewhere under tweaks.

Posted on 23 Aug 2007, 9:23pm

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Yea, i heard of that mod, but i think space needs to ask permission from the owner first..

Posted on 05 Dec 2007, 2:17pm

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hey space....Can you make a skin of Leon Kennedy of resident evil 4 in this mod????with his weapon skin pack????cause I'm a fan of Leon ^ ^......i hope you will accept my suggestion cause your one of the best GTA modders in the whole wide world!!!!!thnxxx......

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