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To the maker of mod

Posted on 10 Mar 2007, 7:05pm

Joined: 10 Mar 2007
Group: Modders

Hello You said you were having problems with your graphics card testing it well...

The picture you posted of it Is very detailed and i can see the entire details of it Try turning the quality down of the island Try getting rid of excess space as well

Hope this sorts it out as it looks awesome :D

Posted on 31 Mar 2007, 1:15pm

Joined: 08 Jan 2006
Group: Modders

Its been quite a while since i've been here (sorry for my late response)
I've tried several configurations of my card.. this did help for me to solve the graphics problem.. But I still can't get the entire island in SA.. I've tried to bring in parts of the island but I only found out that there are simply to many objects in the mod.. This means that I have to cut the entire tunnelsystems out of it and get rid of all the details.. wich I'm not planning to do because I like the mod the way it is now and would do anything to keep it in this state..

Once I find the time I'll upload an version here where you can try to make it work in SA if you like.. (this will be a release containing all my progress on the island - not a realease that actually works in SA)


:edit: I've uploaded the IPL files at: Download site
Download it if you want to have a look around in the mod with MEd or try to make it work yourself.. have fun!:happy:

Posted on 31 May 2007, 2:56pm

Joined: 19 May 2007
Group: Modders


Yes, it's :cookie::cookie:again:)
Well, I've been working on a version with the vegasnball, searock and concpipe stuff and it works. I've also found out how MapCleaner works, so I hope to be able to activate more objects. There's another problem: the IPL contains to many "strange" objects, like the tikitorch (remember? (^_^). I'll be filtering the mod and I'll try to keep as many objects as possible.


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