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Posted on 09 Jun 2013, 3:05pm

Joined: 20 Dec 2011
Group: Modders

:alien: :D Los Santos Intl.Airport, City Planning Dept. at Las Venturas, Pleasure Domes at the rooftop and Sindaccos Abbatoir, Secret Valley at the Las Barrancas Restaurant, Vagos burned house, Sherman dam interior, area 69 interior fix, gta sa us bank tower interior (you have just modded with the LV office and put the yellow marker), Crack Den in Idlewood , Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts in Market, New Bar in East Los Santos, Recording studio in Market , New safe house in Commerce, Sex shop in Temple, Sex shop in El Corona SFPD interior mod(I saw this in youtube its accessible), Secret valley restaurant in Chinatown, Whore house in SF Chinatown, New binco in Bayside in SF, all the banks (in angel pine, whestone blueberry, palomino creek, mtgomery) !! OUTRO It will cool if you can put the LS airport interior yellow marker at LV airport and SF airport :alien: :alien: ALL YOU COULD DO cleverly is to download all those mod in GTA GARAGE cause there are available (with the authors agreements)You might mod them with the CLEO script and it will be one of the greatest ever gta mod in GTAGG THANKS MY DAWG IF YOU COULD RELEASE THIS MOD

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