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vice city “RawTalents Basic Map Parts”

Posted on 04 Jan 2010, 4:57am

Joined: 22 Mar 2008
Group: Modders

dude cool but does it include any cool building models with it? And could you make 1 for ice city? Pluss if you do make a vice city starter kit could you add in some new buildings? You know... search the web for some building mods and other types of mods that could be of some use like new signs and roads or somthin like that. I can probably give you sum help with it. I can find sum odels 4 you. Hit me bak with an answer. :r*:

Posted on 04 Jan 2010, 2:32pm

Joined: 24 Sep 2006
Group: Modders

I can't and don't want to do it for vice city, buildings can be taken from sna andreas and signs trafic lights etc can be taken from the dynamic ide's and placed into the basic oarts ipl

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