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Anything like this for SA?

Mister V
Posted on 26 Jul 2005, 7:09pm

Joined: 21 Jul 2004
Group: Members

Would be cool to have this for SA...much more cars I'd like to keep, and all taht wasted space in the parking garages in LV:sigh:

Posted on 04 Sep 2005, 8:56pm

Joined: 28 Aug 2005
Group: Members

Sorry to be a little off topic,but there's a shark in the parking garage entrance so that might be a bug I dunno.

Posted on 12 Jul 2006, 5:08am

Joined: 06 Jul 2006
Group: Members

hopefully this come exist to the following gta vcs in psp

Posted on 20 Sep 2008, 7:09pm

Joined: 05 Jun 2008
Group: Modders

Changing the main.scm file causes crash for other save files. But the mod is really perfect. Would be much better if it could work for all save files. That would be awesome.:D :) When u load another save file, the loading screen comes, but then there's a unpleasant sound. & comes unhandled exception.U must exit the game.

Posted on 01 Jan 2009, 6:54pm

Joined: 28 Dec 2008
Group: Members

This might be a little late, but I'm working on one for SA, it's going to be epic

Posted on 03 Sep 2009, 8:58pm

Joined: 15 Apr 2009
Group: BUSTED!

hey i downloaded this some were else on megaupload

Posted on 24 Nov 2009, 12:22am

Joined: 12 Oct 2009
Group: Modders

man, I srsly love this mod more than anything, especially with the included savefile, but I had to uninstall because this thing doesn't work well with other mods installed :cry:

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