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gta 4 screens???

Posted on 20 Jul 2008, 10:07am

Joined: 06 Dec 2006
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how in the hell is loadin screens a major modification? the game is exactly the same as before. i cant believe this mod was accepted for submission. its not technically a mod really. this belongs under "loading screens" or some other non-mod category. u may as well have went in windows paint and drew a smiley face or some other bullsh*t and mislabled it as a mod because thats how pathetic this is. the real gta 4 graphics probably wont even work in san andreas because they would need too much memory and thus crash while loadin. it may even make windows unresponsive.

Posted on 02 Aug 2008, 8:23pm

Joined: 02 Aug 2008
Group: Members

omg they ent gta 4 lodin screens nuthin lyk mine on my 360

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