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Posted on 20 Jul 2008, 9:46am

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ok, i dont know why theres no update for this mod, but at least put up the new saac that fixes the 2 players controlled with 1 player bug. thats gettin very annoyin. i move cj and the other guy follows my exact movements. i cant get the person to stay put when i walk around. then of course is that theres no way to replace player 2's health, have player 2 enter interiors, pick whatever player i want for player 2(thers like 3 choices and thats it), and of course the "distance between players ends mission" nonsense. cant save while with 2 players because its a mission (even though roamin around isnt really a mission) and 2nd player cant join in on single player missions, which would be very helpful as the enemy wouldnt be expectin 2 players to attack. imagine if player 2 could recruit homies and then i recruit some and thats like a 16 man gang. thats tight! whoop those ballas asses big time! im just sayin...maybe u could add these to your 1.3 release?

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